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Water Well Drilling
Somerset Well Drilling Inc. is the leader in Quality well construction standards in Central PA, offering the latest equipment and most experienced operators. We offer Standard and Best Quality options to provide home owners and builders with the highest quality water.

Well Yield Improvement
Hydrofracing uses water pumped at very high pressure to flush and fracture the formations in your well to improve well yield.

Pump Installation & Service
Our residential pump installation crews install hundreds of pumps every year, their experience ensurres years of trouble free service from your water system.

Constant Pressure Pumps
The constant pressure pump has revolutionized residential water stystems by providing a higher more steady pressure to the home using advanced electronic controls. The system has become the standard for new home construction bypassing conventional submersible systems.

Well Pumps
Well pumps come in numerous sizes and configurations. The correct pump will save electricity, reduce well issues and last longer. The experts at Somerset Well Drilling have been doing this for a long time and are the best people to find the pump for you.

Pressure Tanks
A properly performing pressure tank will add years to the life of your pump. A bad one can significantly reduce the life of your pump and cause inconsistent pressure in your home. If you have press fluctuation or reduction you may need tank service or replacement.

Pump Conversions
if you have a Jet Pump and wish to convert to a submersible pump or if you have a submersible and wish to upgrade to a Constant Pressure unit, we'll make the job simple and cost effective.

Pressure Booster Systems
If pressure is a problem Somerset Well Drilling has solutions for city water and well water to increase pressure. Our specialists will help you make the proper selection for your needs.


We service te whole system from the pump in the ground to the tank and controls in the basement including

Pressure Tank Service
Submersible Pump Service
Constant Pressure Pumps
Jet Pump Conversions
Booster Systems

Prompt Reliable Service
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Commercial and Residential

Here one of our pump crew's are seen installing a large submersible pump. A VFD was utilized on this job and 2000' of pipeline laid to get the water where it needs to go. For more information on how you can utilize the use of a VFD.