Water for Cement

drill deeper

This crew is drilling 2 water supply wells for a batch plant for the Rt 219 road construction project.

Large submersible pump work

Pump Crew

Here one of our pump crew's are seen installing a large submersible pump. A VFD was utilized on this job and 2000' of pipeline laid to get the water where it needs to go. For more information on how you can utilize the use of a VFD. Call us at 814-443-3008.

Remote Locations

Remote location's such as this would not be possible to access without our hard working crew's and a Cat Dozer. Call Somerset Well Drilling today for all your well and pump needs.

Drilling Deeper can improve well yield

drill deeper
Sometimes such as in this case it makes more sense to deepen the existing well. This farm well has served many years. With reconstruction things are better than ever!

Geothermal drilling at Church

Recently we drilled and installed geothermal loops at Trinity Lutheran Church in Somerset. These will connect to their new geothermal system installation.


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